Greetings People of the Internet!

4 Apr

How you doing? Sadly, I failed you all! I don’t use this blog of pointlessness anymore but you should check me out on YouTube! I make awesome kinda cruddy AMVs and you’ll enjoy them! XD Either they’re such an EPIC FAIL that they’re hilarious or they’re so WINNING that they are hilarious but still hilarious regardless or they could just be viewed as stupid! Depends on your opinion!  Anyways, here’s my channel! I hope you check it out sometime!


Invader Zim video!

20 Sep

Here’s a random Invader Zim music video! I MADE IT MYSELF!

This song fits so well for Dibbeh! ^_^

Another funny Invader Zim moment

28 Jun

Awesome Invader Zim moment

28 Jun

Tim McGraw

28 Jun

Hi everybody; it’s summer and all so I should’ve posted this sooner! I have something to gloat about! I got to Tim McGraw live in concert! How cool is that?
 Yes, the tickets were free but only because my aunt works for Bucyrus. We still got awesome seats up front.

My favorite Invader Zim episode

5 Apr

Spongebob is educational

1 Apr

I’m doing this Biology project on Phylums (groups of species, blah, blah, blah. Whatever who cares). Well I came across this Phylum called Porifera (common name: sponges), this made me think of Spongebob. I filled in the information for how species in this Phylum eat (Filter Feed) and I realized something, in this one episode, Spongebob mentions how he filter feeds. Spongebob is educational, oh no!